MapServer Version 5.2.0 Released

News Date: 
21 Jul 2008

The MapServer PSC is proud to announce the release of MapServer version 5.2. The source code is available for download at:

Binary distributions will follow shortly. This is a significant release and users are encouraged to upgrade if possible. Nearly 200 tickets were closed as part of this effort. Major feature additions include:

  • MS RFC 36: Simplified Template Support for Query Output
  • MS RFC 37: Spatial Reference Improvements and Additions
  • MS RFC 38: Native Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Support
  • MS RFC 41: WCS_1.1.x Support
  • MS RFC 42: Support for Cookie Forwarding
  • MS RFC 43: Direct Tile Generation for Google Maps API

Full RFC text can be found at:

Notable enhancements include:

  • performance enhancements for large shapefile handling
  • performance enhancements for AGG rendering (an order of magnitude faster in some cases)
  • fuzzy label outlines for AGG
  • style-level opacity for AGG
  • quantization and palette support for PNGs and RGBA modes
  • SOS_1.0.0 support
  • WFS_1.1.0 support
  • proxy and http authentication support for cascaded WMS requests
  • pre-clip label point computation (helps in tile generation)
  • extent (e.g. shpext, mapext) template tag attribute handling

The full 5.2 change log can be found at:

I would like to thank all the folks that worked hard on this release, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Steve Lime