Mapbender 2.4.3 Released

News Date: 
5 Oct 2007

The Mapbender Project is happy to announce the new release 2.4.3 with some minor changes and all bug fixes since the last version.

Change in Release Management

More importantly this is the first release that comes in a regular time cycle and not after a certain set of features have been added. This change in policy has been discussed at length on the Mapbender mailing list and on IRC. It reflects a further maturation of the software and aims at making regular updates to the newest version a lesser issue for users and portal operators. The next release with major changes is due in December 2007, the challenge being whether the Project will keep up with the goal of regular release cycles.

Full Adoption of Trac

After more than a half year of testing, discussion and trial phase all enhancements and bug fixes are now managed via the OSGeo operated Trac instance. Trac is now also used to manage road map and further development.

Keep it Human(e and) Readable

The human readable version continues to be available through the Wiki as a MediaWiki template page that ties into the full Version History of Mapbender.

Online Training Course

In time for FOSS4G 2007 a full fledged Online Training Course (Mapbender 101) is made available through OSGeo's Education infrastructure Moodle (currently still on the OSGeo Test Server). It received its baptism of fire during the FOSS4G Mapbender Workshop.