OSGeo welcomes 13 students for Google Summer of Code 2015

News Date: 
28 Apr 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Geospatial Community,

OSGeo is glad to welcome the 13 accepted students and their mentors for OSGeo GSoC 2015!

We received 37 proposals from a variety of geospatial projects. Despite the lower total number of proposals received compared to former years, the overall quality was high, so our choice has been a difficult task. Eventually we appointed the following proposals:

  1. GDAL: Faza Mahamood - Integration of GDAL utilities into GDAL core library
  2. GRASS GIS: Matej Krejci - Improved Metadata for GRASS
  3. gvSIG: Eva Rodríguez - Port Network Analysis Extension to gvSIG 2.x branch
  4. istSOS: Ambrosini Luca - Scalability for Big data processing for istSOS
  5. JGRASSTOOLS: Silvia Franceschi - Development of a simple 1D hydraulic model for JGRASSTOOLS
  6. MapServer: Samuel Lapointe - Add productivity tools to MapServer's ScribeUI
  7. Opticks: Tom Van den Eynde - Image Enhancement/Background Suppression for Opticks
  8. OTP: Nipuna Gunathilake - GTFS-Realtime validation tool for Open Trip Planner
  9. OSGeo-Live: Massimo Di Stefano - Integration of geospatial OSS in educational notebooks
  10. OSSIM: Martina Di Rita - OSSIM tool for DSM generation using tri-stereo and SAR imagery
  11. pgRouting: Sarthak Agarwal - New osm2pgrouting import tool to import OpenStreetMap(OSM)data in pgRouting
  12. PyWPS: Calin Ciociu - REST interface for PyWPS 4
  13. QGIS: Marcus Santos - Multithread support on QGIS Processing toolbox

Congratulations to all accepted students!

We are proud of the geographical variety of countries from which our students come from and live, including: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and Sri Lanka. The list of software projects includes OSGeo (official and incubating) and like-minded projects - let GSoC be a "gathering of tribes", an occasion to improve communication among all geospatial open source initiatives.

See the list of OSGeo accepted proposals also here

We wish all students and mentors a great summer!

Madi and Anne
OSGeo GSoC Admins 2015