OSGeo accepted to GSoC 2015

News Date: 
3 Mar 2015

Dear All,

It is our pleasure to announce that OSGeo has been accepted as mentoring organization also this year! The OSGeo GSoC Team has been reshaped with respect to former communications, and it's now composed by myself (Madi) in the role of primary admin and the experienced Anne Ghisla in the role of co-admin.

Now it's time for prospecting students to carefully browse the list of ideas and contact developers team of their interest. Mentor registration is not yet open and will be announced in due time. Students can officially apply on Melange from 16th to 27th of March.

All, do keep an eye (and a calendar client reminder) on all GSoC 2015 dates!

Yours enthusiastically,

Madi and Anne
OSGeo GSoC Admins 2015