OSGeo Code Sprint 2014 goes to Vienna

News Date: 
14 Mar 2014

From March 24 to 28 OSGeo developers will gather in Vienna for the annual OSGeo Code Sprint of the "C Tribe" OSGeo projects. Vienna was selected to continue a series of code sprints after Toronto, New York, Montreal, Island Wood, and Boston.

Leading developers of popular software projects like MapServer, QGIS, GRASS, GDAL, PostGIS, PDAL, pycsw, and many more get together to discuss new ideas, hack, decide, tackle large geospatial problems, etc. simply to have fun. Almost 70 developers have already registered to a full week of concentrated work and fun.

We want to thank our generous sponsors supporting the Code Sprint.

  • City of Vienna MA14 provides the venue for the event
  • OSGeo provides considerable funding
  • Gold Sponsors
    • Airborne Interactive Ltd
    • Austrospace, a non-profit association of Austrian space industries and research institutions focusing on: *) Comprehensive information about Austrian space activities and *) Representation of common interests of Austrian suppliers and users of space technologies vis-à-vis Austrian authorities and international organizations.
    • TYDAC
    • FOSSGIS e.V.
  • Silver Sponsors
    • ITS Vienna Region and the realtime trafficservice AnachB.at, jointly created in 2006 by Austria's three Federal Provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland (Vienna Region) and supporting them in optimizing their traffic management and e-government. AnachB.at offers intermodal journey planners for all means of transport and a dynamic traffic map free of charge, as Smartphone App and as Widget.
  • Bronze Sponsors
    • metaspatial Institute
    • Oslandia
    • rapidlasso
    • Azavea, a B Corporation (a social enterprise) that creates civic, geospatial software for the web. Our open source work includes civic projects, like DistrictBuilder and OpenTreeMap, as well as GeoTrellis, a fast geoprocessing framework based on Scala.
    • GFOSS.it
  • EOX provides in-kind support to the organization of the event
  • Further in-kind support is provided by OSGeo and FOSSGIS members

It is a great honor and privilege to be able to welcome so many well-known OSGeo developers in Vienna. At the same time it is an excellent opportunity for the Austrian, in particular the Viennese, Open Source community to network and show international presence.

Vienna OSGeo Code Sprint 2014 Organizer