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Mapbender 2.4.2 Released


The new Mapbender-release 2,4.2 is available for download. Thanks to all developers who were involved.

Download: http://www.mapbender.org/download/

Find out more about the changes in Mapbender 2,4.2 in the Mapbender Wiki:



Please read the description of the installation in the Mapbender Wiki:


We are looking forward to your feedback.

FOSS4G Open Source Geospatial Conference Unveils Program Content


FOSS4G Open Source Geospatial Conference Unveils Program Content
A Broad Range of Topics Are Addressed in More Than 140 Presentations

DENVER, June 15, 2011 -- The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference has just announced the lineup of presentations that features more than 140 individual talks with noted plenary speakers. FOSS4G is the premier international conference focused on open source geospatial software. The selection of presentations was very competitive, with 300 submissions for roughly 150 session slots.

The five-day event includes two days of workshops followed by three days of sessions that cover a broad range of technical topics, tool-specific tutorials, application case studies, lightning talks, panel discussions and overviews. The breadth of content address a full range of technical expertise, applications, regional interests, and business purposes.

Among the program highlights regarding the use of open source software are:

  • A full-day introduction to geospatial open source with case studies and business cases
  • Workshops and tutorials on popular open source geospatial tools such as PostGIS, GRASS, GeoServer, GeoNode, MapFish, Geomajas, Spatial Wiki, GeoTools, etc.
  • Workshops and sessions organized by educators for educators
  • Sessions regarding open spatial data and spatial data infrastructure directives
  • Timely sessions addressing such applications as mapping the BP oil spill, monitoring flood waters, and responding to the earthquake in Japan
  • Several sessions of five-minute lightning talks

Plenary speakers and topics for the event include:

  • Michael Byrne, Geospatial Information Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, talking about the National Broadband Map, which is based on an open source software stack, and implements some innovative ideas regarding open data
  • Peter Ter Haar, Director of Products at Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain, speaking about their experience with open data initiatives and open source software
  • Steve Coast, founder of OpenStreetMap, talking about the past, present and (mainly) future of this wiki-style collaborative geospatial data creation phenomenon
  • Paul Ramsey, a team member of OpenGeo and founder of the PostGIS spatial database discussing different open source business models
  • A panel on "Open x 4" that will discuss various aspects of openness for open source, open data, open street mapping, and open standards

The event has strong support from major sponsors that include Esri, Google, OpenGeo, MapQuest, Newmont, RadiantBlue, and Safe Software. Additional support at the bronze level include AppGeo, Azavea, Camptocamp, EOX, GeoCat, GeoIQ, GeoSolutions, Korem, MapGears, Metaspatial, Oracle Spatial, SkyGone, Spatial Networks, Spatialytics and Terrestris.

You can view the full program at http://2011.foss4g.org/program/session-schedule. The deadline for early registration, with the cheapest price, is June 30.

About FOSS4G

FOSS4G is the global conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial that is organized by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) with support from an all-volunteer organizing committee and professional conference management from the Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA). The 2011 FOSS4G event in Denver marks the first North American event in four years, with the prior three events taking place in Barcelona, Sydney and Cape Town.

SOURCE: FOSS4G Organizing Committee

GDAL/OGR 1.9.0 Released


The GDAL/OGR team is pleased to announce the release of GDAL/OGR 1.9.0.
This is a major new release including the following major new features:

  • New OGR drivers: ARCGEN, CouchDB, DWG, EDIGEO, ESRI FileGDB, Geomedia, Google Fusion Tables, IDRISI, MDB, SEGUKOOA, SEGY, SVG, XLS
  • Significantly improved drivers: NetCDF
  • Encoding support for shapefile/dbf (#882)
  • RFC 35: Delete, reorder and alter field definitions of OGR layers
  • RFC 37: Add mechanism to provide user data to CPLErrorHandler (#4295)
  • gdalsrsinfo: new supported utility to report SRS in various form (supercedes testepsg)

Complete news on the new release can be found at:


The new release can be downloaded from:

OSGeo-BE is an official local OSGeo chapter


The local active OSGeo members from Belgium are proud to announce the birth of the Belgian local Chapter.

Belgium is, as a country divided in at least 3 speaking languages and 3 official languages. The active OSGeo community members today are either active in the OSGeo.nl, the OSGeo.fr or in several OSGeo communities.

The Belgium chapter will actively work on the promotion of open source Geo solutions and the continuation of all the good work based on the existing software stacks.

Together with the Belgian eco-system of administrations, industry and schools, we want to build a more open world.

On 29 October, 2015, we will organise a first FOSS4G-BE and announce the birth of the (legal) organisation to the Belgium public.

You want to leave us a message or join us ?

You can find us on the wiki or on the Belgian mailing list.

Dirk Frigne

FOSS4G 2011 Request for Hosting - Deadline extension


The OSGeo Conference Committee has extended the deadline by 2 weeks for submitting a letter of intent for hosting the 2011 FOSS4G event. See below for the updated deadlines, or at http://www.osgeo.org/conference/rfp

Letters of Intent (Stage 1) due: 2010-04-23 23:00 UTC [1]
Stage 1 question period: 2010-04-23 to 2010-04-30
Stage 1 decision: 2010-04-30
Proposals (Stage 2) due: 2010-05-21 23:00 UTC [2]
Stage 2 question period: 2010-05-21 to 2010-05-28
Final decision: 2010-06-11


GeoMoose Version 1.2.0 Released


The Moose herd is pleased to announce that GeoMoose 1.2.0 has been officially released.

The GeoMOOSE project is client-side code that uses a variety of JavaScript, XML, and DHTML technologies to interface with other web-clients The primary target of Moose is for integration with the MapServer, but is not dependent upon it for operation.

Design objectives include:

  • Code must be developed in an Services Oriented Architecture.
  • Configurability for users.
  • Easy maintenance for data owners.
  • A client interface for MapServer, but designed to be open to other server engines.
  • Targeted use cases for local governments.